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Baptism & Membership


The best way is by talking to people who already know Him. At Albany Park we use both preaching and mid-week groups to help us study the Bible, understand Jesus better and discover more about Him. If you live locally just contact us and we'll let you know about our next Alpha, Discipleship Group, or Bible Study. But if you want to explore a little more before taking that step, we recommend the reJesus websites.


Another way to learn is by reading about Him in the Bible. Don't be put off by childhood memories of old fashioned language. There are now many excellent modern translations of the Bible suitable for different age groups. The Good News Bible is a great version to start with, whatever your age. The Youth Bible has helpful sections for young people facing problems and questions growing up. The pew bible at Albany Park Baptist Church is the New International Version. The word Bible means library, so don't start by trying to read it from cover to cover – start with one of the gospels, like Mark or John. All Christian bookshops sell notes that can help you to think more about what you are reading.



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